A Stand Out at Disneyland

My daughter and I recently went to Disneyland with some close friends. It was the first of a mother-child group trip, so we planned on making it extra special. 

To make it extra special, I created these custom shirts that really stood out in the crowd. People at Disneyland were often telling us, "Cool shirts!"; "I love your shirts!"; and, "Where'd you guys get the shirts?" For which the other moms pointed at me, "She made these."

Most of the shirts we saw at Disneyland were pretty much the same. They were what you would find on Amazon or Etsy. Ours were unique, and what topped off our successful mother-child trip were not only the great moms and our cool kids but wearing these cool shirts. We were one. The boys had the Darth Vader shirts with their names as part of the light saber, while the girls had the glittery Princess Leia shirts also with their names. The moms -- well -- they were quite unique, too. Check them out. 

Mommy Mavens

If you want to stand out, take a look at the shirts on my site -- www.inspiringchild.com. 

Be the one to stand out in the crowd! 

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